This blog is the chronicle of the Enochian workings of Frater Ixomaxip and Soror Elah. It is our intention to skry all 30 Aethyrs in succession. We will be keeping copious notes and recording audio of each session, some of which may be made available. We will offer commentary as we feel it will clarify … Continue reading Introduction


The 29th Aethyr ~ RII (Second Vision)

November 5, 2018Begin: 10:26 am End: 11:09 amTools: the Disc, the Tablet of Earth, Atus XVIII (The Moon), XIV (Art) and XIV (Art)Weather: cloudyBased on the audio transcript. Comments in italics.   Much of the symbolism of the following vision is of a personal nature to the Seer and the Mage, each in their own … Continue reading The 29th Aethyr ~ RII (Second Vision)