This blog is the chronicle of the Enochian workings of Frater Ixomaxip and Soror Elah. It is our intention to scry all 30 Enochian Aethyrs in succession. We will be keeping copious notes and recording audio of each session, some of which may be made available. We will offer commentary as we feel it will... Continue Reading →

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The 9th Aethyr ~ ZIP

A comet blazes through the starry sky and crashes into the ground, which now appears before her. There is a great explosion and the comet seems to split the earth. Flames gush forth and out of the flames and above everything she sees rises a woman. She is the fire and her fiery dress billows around her. She is the soul of this Aethyr .

The 10th Aethyr ~ ZAX

Still met with silence from within the circle, the demon gave up on trying to sway us with mere words. It said, “Look at the shadows, should you think they sleep? They never sleep!” It was at this point that the Seer, scrying for the first time with her eyes open rather than closed, began seeing movement outside the circle.

The 11th Aethyr ~ IKH

In the dim light of the Aethyr, the Seer can make out another creature, different from the rest. This one is on four legs and has many heads and faces. The beast is chained and another entity controls it. The second being is wearing a full length grey robe with reddish flecks and “has light that is darkness.”

The 12th Aethyr ~ LOE

It begins to rain blood, and now the black waves have dark red crests. The blood falls freely into the sea which seems to stretch endlessly around her, limitless and eternal. To the Seer, the blood seemed to be the blood of the Saints and the cost of knowledge.

The 13th Aethyr ~ ZIM

Everything seems bathed in a green glow. The Seer is disoriented as she takes in her new surroundings. A weird alien obsidian landscape, rocky and barren. The angles are all wrong and even seem upside down. The colors are unnatural.

The 14th Aethyr ~ VTA

“To understand the Mystery of the ALL, the workings of the Great Machine, you must understand yourselves. The darkness swirls around you, the monsters that would swallow you. Do you walk without fear upon the black sea? Do you breathe the kiss of light upon the lips of heaven? All that is without is within. Someday you’ll understand - you never needed a key.”

The 15th Aethyr ~ OXO

She can see the burning lights of human cities, which we think are so disconnected from nature and the rest of the world but they are not. Even though humanity often seems like a cancer upon the planet, we too are part of its network and a natural expression of the life that is inherent within the Earth, with or without us. We are not special, it just doesn’t matter.

The 16th Aethyr ~ LEA

The Seer now sees a majestic waterfall that is not water, it is flame. It appears to pour out of the sky. The brilliant light and colors of the firefall is extraordinary and the Seer is enraptured by its beauty.

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