The 30th Aethyr ~ TEX (First Vision)

September 10, 2018
Begin: 11:35 am (approx)
End: 12:20 pm (approx)
Tools: the Cup, the Tablet of Water, Atus XI (Lust), IX (Hermit) and XXI (Universe)
Weather: cloudy, chance of rain
Based on the audio transcript. Comments in italics.


The vision begins with the cup (used in the initial invocation) floating in the air. All is black and purple and there is purple lightening around the cup. Everything is very dark, no color except black and purple. The Governors are called again. A lion appears, fully visible at first, then everything around it changes so just a face with lionish characteristics is seen. It disappears when offered the Hailing Sign of the Magician but its presence is still felt.

Perhaps a false vision, perhaps not. The lion is Atu XI – Lust.

There is water, a great sea perhaps. It is dark purple, almost black. The sky is a lighter shade of purple. There is much purple fog. Everything here, it seems, is purple.

Or ultra-violet? 
TEX is divided into four areas: East – the region of desire, South – the region of silence, West – the region of personal limitation, and North – the region of Karma. The feel of this particular region leads me to believe it is the North, as the following dialog seems to illustrate.

A bridge appears over the water extending up and forward. A light becomes visible ahead. As we move up the bridge, a figure becomes somewhat visible, though not clearly. It wears a dark purple or black robe and gives the sign of Hoor-par-kraat. The sign is returned.
“We greet you spirit of the Aethyr.” The 3=8 Sign is offered to the spirit.
Seer: “I don’t understand the sign.”
“What is the sign?”
“It’s a moving sign.” The seer demonstrates the 3=8 Sign, except that the spirit is flipping back and forth between and inverted triangle and an upright triangle, over and over again. The spirit would not let us move forward until the Seer expressed the sign, insistent that it be returned correctly.

The spirit here seems to be signing the Holy Hexagram. “It’s a moving sign.” would suggest the continual flow of energy, above to below, below to above. Karma moves constantly, the spinning of the wheel never stops. It is worth noting that the Mage and Seer had recently been working with the formula of the Holy Hexagram.

“May we know your name spirit?”
“ALARGRAA” (possibly LAGRAA)

ALARGRAA is made up of two Enochian words: ALAR = settled or has settled, GRAA = moon. ALARGRAA means “Moon has settled” or “Moon has set”
LAGRAA is LA = “of the First” or “First”, and “moon” – therefore “First Moon”

“We ask you for your guidance ALARGRAA on our journey through your aethyr. Will you guide us?”
“I have always guided you.”
“What is it you have to share with us from this Aethyr?”
“You are lost in the filth.”
“How may we save ourselves?”
“Pull yourself out of the slime.”
“Can you help us do that?”
“You are unclean.”

Here we see illustrated the aspect of karma. The Seer believed ALARGRAA to be speaking of humanity as a whole, not simply to the two of us. We as humanity are unclean and lost in filth.
Still, there is an aspect that the Seer felt was directed towards the two of us. Unclean; unprepared (or not prepared enough); unpurified. We seemed to feel dirty to the entity, tainted. Perhaps an admonishment to better prepare ourselves with ritual and meditation before approaching the Holy Aethyrs. We agreed to work on this.

“We come to you in peace and humility. Is there anything you can show us?”
“The path to the light.”
“We will follow this path.”
Moving up the bridge and looking down at the water, there are eyes everywhere. They stare up from the water and do not seem friendly. They seem like living dead and decay. Maybe great monsters of sea.

Here again is karma. The souls of those who are lost in filth. The ocean is the slime of which ALARGRAA speaks. They stare up resentfully from the hell of physical manifestation but are unable to liberate themselves as they are slaves to the animal passions. Eye = Ayin = Atu XV – The Devil. The color of Atu XV is indigo, another reason perhaps that there is so much of this color present. Another reference to the material world and the manifest. The eyes are silent, they can only watch. They cannot understand and because of this cannot escape the world of the manifest.

We cross the bridge which seems to go into the clouds. The light gets brighter but becomes too bright, almost like being snow blind. Can’t tell if our guide is still with us, can’t see anything. A sigil of black appears against the white background. It is the letter Gon. As it appears, the clouds around it part. The letter drops down into the darkness below.

enochian letter

The realm of desire. We are now in the east, the bridge bringing us to the light we desired. But it is fleeting and sinks immediately into the darkness. The letter Gon (I, J, or Y) means “Son of Light.” The Son sinks into the physical realm of manifestation. The light descends. This letter is the equivalent of the Hebrew letter Yod, Atu IX – the Hermit. It is interesting to note that in the Vision and the Voice, Crowley is shown 4 books in this Aethyr, one of which has the Enochian letters AN. This word is found on the Holy Table and means “Son of Son of Light” or “Mercury.” Gon also, according to Crowley, has the value of 60.

We are no longer on the bridge. Nothing can be seen beyond this as the fog, still with a purple tinge, remains thick around us. The fog swirls around us in a circular motion, a vortex. Nothing is moving except the fog.
We call out to the guide but there is no answer. There doesn’t seem to be ground below us and we can’t tell if we’re able to move. Nothing is solid. The Sign of the Rending of the Veil is given to clear the fog.
We find ourselves standing at the top of a cliff, a ledge of rock dropping far below. There is a massive waterfall below us, very, very tall. We are looking down at the top of the waterfall, which plunges far below into the depths. There are rocks around us covered in bright green moss. The fog is still thick, not much is visible but that which is near and the waterfall.

This is the first time the Seer was able to see any other color than purple, black or white.

A path becomes visible that leads down a little ways to a cube-shaped rock, not cut or artificial but naturally square in shape. We walk down the trail towards it.

The cubic stone represents the physical and is a frequent image for those who traverse this Aethyr. We are now in the Southern region of TEX, the realm of Silence and of non-verbal communication.

We are standing next to the cubic stone in a sort of ravine. Up close it looks much smoother and flatter, less natural. There are lines of symbols or letters, one atop the other, across the face of the stone but the seer cannot make out what they are. They keep flashing and changing.
Looking up, there is blue sky for the first time since coming to the Aethyr. There does not seem to be anywhere for us to move to. The Sign of the Enterer is given. The stone splits open almost like a flower, opening from the center and sinking into the ground. There is a cavern that goes underground. We enter but it is too dark to see. We create a light in front of us. It appears in the shape of the letter Mals.

enochian letter Mals

Mals (P) has no known meaning, per se, but does have the value of 9 (according to Aleister Crowley). We have been shown two Enochian letters, I and P, or 60 and 9. 69 could reference again the Holy Hexagram. Also, 69 = Cancer which is water, the moon and the Cup of Our Lady Babalon.

We seem to be walking through sheets of something, like layers of membrane between universes. The seer finds herself unable to express the language needed to explain in terms of this world.

Another reference to being in the South region. Language here is difficult.

A woman’s voice is heard. It is fading in and out, only a word here and there is audible.

At this point on the tape there is quite a bit of interference, as though someone is moving the recorder, though no one is.

The voice seems to come from no specific direction.
“….screams of a thousand souls…” is all the seer can make out.
ADVORPT is called upon.
“What do you want?”
“We seek your wisdom and your guidance.”
“Make yourself clear to us. Please be our guide.”
“Why do you come into the shadows and seek the light?”
“Is not the darkness but the absorption of light?”
“Everything is darkness.”
“We come to you in darkness. Show us your light.”
There is a symbol shown. In the center is a spinning circle. There are three curved arms, like a three-armed swastika, a triskele. It spins around and around until the arms become like rays of light. It fades and we are in darkness again.

The sigil that Elah saw was very similar to this, except for the circle in the middle.

The triskele is an ancient European solar symbol. Similar to the swastika, it represents the swirling spinning motion inherent in everything in the universe, from galaxies to atoms, and is a symbol of light.

DOXINAL is called to guide us through the darkness.
“Why should I help you?”
“We come to you in peace. We come to you seeking wisdom and understanding. Our hearts are earnest. Our hearts are pure. Will you guide us?’
There is nothing.
There are stars above us. There is also a web. The seer cannot tell if the web is part of the stars or in front of the stars. The web seems to be everywhere, in front of us, between us.

Perhaps showing us that everything is connected, all things are united in their essence. We cannot see it but from TEX it can be seen. The stars are Atu XXI – the Universe.

We are back at the waterfall but this time at the bottom. The top of the waterfall cannot be seen, it is too high. Everything seems very alive and vibrant. The stars above have been replaced by blue sky and sunshine. The rocks around us are covered in bright green moss. There doesn’t seem to be anyplace to go.

The realm of personal limitation. It cannot be escaped. The colors the Seer has seen on this Aethyr have been black, white, purple, blue and green. The last three are all aspects of blue, water.

At the suggestion of entering the water, the seer gets a very bad feeling. The water is cold and heavy, almost crushing. She doesn’t want to go in.

Here again perhaps an indication of being in the West. The crushing water, so heavy and cold, is the crushing feeling of personal limitations. The waterfall is very high and we cannot see the source, just as we cannot always see the source of our own energies. This is the realm of the ego realizing its own shortcomings. The Seer felt this as she refused to enter the water. This is restriction and a barring of the way.

We decide to depart and thank the spirits of the 30th Aethyr.

The Seer felt exhausted afterward and completely drained of energy.
As I estimate it, we moved North to East to South to West in a clockwise motion through the Aethyr. We could not get past the West however and will need to focus there on our next journey.


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