The 30th Aethyr ~ TEX (Second Vision)

October 8, 2018
Begin: 10:58 am
End: 11:41 am
Tools: the Cup, the Tablet of Water, Atus XI (Lust), IX (Hermit) and XXI (Universe)
Weather: rain
Based on the audio transcript. Comments in italics.


The light is dim. The seer sees a guardian, it appears to be a lion or a wolf. It is too dim to tell for sure.

This may not be anything. There is a striking resemblance to a previous dream experienced by the seer a few days prior.

Ahead of us in the distance appears a star with 6 rays. We move toward it. The dim light around us takes on a violet tinge, similar to the last scrying of the Aethyr. A path becomes clear. It is made of light. It becomes the only light in the Aethyr, everything around it is not.

The promise of initiation. We have not yet succeeded in entering TEX but are at its gates. The six-rayed star (not a hexagram but a radiant star) represents the light of gnosis and of union – Eosphoros. As it becomes a path, everything else “is not;” nothing else is real, nothing else matters.

Moving forward on the path, a figure becomes visible. It is wispy as though it were made of fog or smoke. There is a face but the figure is not solid. The Mage asks if the figure will be our guide. The figure responds with a sign, unknown to either the Seer or the Mage. It is similar to the rending and parting of the veil, but the hands are flat and facing inward and the motion of the arms is to move apart and then back at a 90 degree angle. It appeared that the figure was describing a box.

The figure repeated the sign, giving the strong impression that it was indicating a box. This could be a reference to the material plane and that we have not yet crossed into TEX. This seems further evident from the following exchange.

The Mage offers the Hailing Sign of the Magician and asks “What is it you wish to communicate with us?”

“What is it you seek?”

“We seek the wisdom of this Aethyr.”

“Do you not know it already?”

This left the Mage speechless for a moment. He then said, “Tell us what your wisdom is.”

Mockingly, the figure says, “You should fly.”


“Fly!” Laughs. “Wings would take you upward!”

Here we are being given instruction to rise in the Aethyr. We have still not disconnected from Malkuth. The instruction to fly is an invitation for us to use qualities of an airy nature. So too does the question as to whether we already know it, but after a different fashion.

We envision ourselves growing wings. Willing ourselves upward and rising higher in the Aethyr than we had been, the light become much brighter. We cannot tell if the figure is still near as everything, in spite of being very bright, is still foggy. The Mage gives the Sign of the Rending of the Veil. A face appears, carved in darkness like a twisted oak. It is only a face and does not appear to move or have life. It vanishes.

The Seer gets the impression that we need to move, that we are in between “places.” We decide to move forward and when we do, everything becomes clearer.

The Seer has realized that we were not quite into the Aethyr and, when we gave it one last push, we succeeded in fully entering the 30th Aethyr. From here on, the vision is much clearer and more vivid.

There is a stream but whatever is flowing in it is pitch black. The stream blocks our path so we decide to walk along its rocky bank. We come to a bridge of sorts. It is a rock that arches across the black stream. Crossing the stone, we come to the other side of the stream. The colors are more vivid here, there seems to be more life. A path stretches before us, winding up a short hill. We follow the path and, reaching the top, can see that there is a valley on the other side. In the valley is a single oak tree.

The lone oak tree is a personal image for the Seer, whose motto Elah means oak. It would make sense for the vision of the oak to appear in this context, being an object of and gateway to initiation.

We go down the hill and into the valley, approaching the lone tree. The tree is surrounded by a perfect circle of brown earth where nothing will grow, except the tree which is very much alive. The circle is quite large and we stand at its edge. The brown earth seems strange, not solid, almost like sand. We step inside the circle.

“It’s crunchy!” the Seer laughs. The ground is brittle like a creek bed or pond when all the water has dried up. Our feet sink into the ground a bit. The circle is clearly not meant to keep us out. We approach the tree.

The light in the Aethyr has begun to fade, taking on the appearance of sunset. We stand before the tree, which the Seer believes to be a doorway. The face we saw before, the gnarled face of the oak, appears again. It is not on the tree, but in front of the tree. It remains silent when greeted by the mage but looks at us with awareness.

“May we know your name?” the Mage asks.

“Lachra.” the face responds.

The “ch” is guttural, as with Yiddish or Bavarian pronunciation. I can find no translation. This spirit seems to be a guardian of the Aethyr. It is the same face that appeared briefly before we fully entered and now it guards the doorway.

“We greet you. Can you help us enter this doorway?”

“Would you to be welcome in my home?”

“Will we be welcome?” the Mage asks. The face does not respond.

Then, “The door is always open.”

This is the doorway of initiation. One must take the first step themselves. Appearances can be deceiving, especially in initiation, and doorways do not always look like doorways.

At the suggestion of the Seer, we walk straight into the tree and find ourselves in a stairway, leading down. We descend the stairs until we are in a torch-lit cave. There are many different tunnels going off in a multitude of different directions.

The Mage calls upon the spirits of the Aethyr. Something appears. It has no body to speak of, but has black curved rams horns and a face that changes constantly, becoming a blur of faces.

“What is your name?” the Mage asks.

“We are many.”

The various tunnels leading off in random directions, possibly the conscious mind. This could also represent our own ever-changing animals natures. The Seer did not get a malevolent feel from this spirit, interpreting the changing faces and “many” as the various possible aspects of one. In the spirit world, many may look through one set of eyes. Still, when the entity said “We are many.” the Mage was concerned. Legion/Choronzon, who is dispersion, is dangerous though it is too early in the Aethyric journey to encounter this being. Nonetheless, the Mage takes a brief precaution.

The Mage gives the banishing pentagram. It has no effect. The figure, with a humanoid body becoming apparent, gives the Sign of the Rending of the Veil.

An interesting response. Clearing the sight, removing of an obstacle.

The Mage asks, “What is it you have to share with us?”

“Your reflection.”

“Are you here to be our guide?”

“I would open the door for you.”

Another doorway. This is the second elemental spirit we encounter. The first was a spirit of Air and now we have a spirit of Earth. The horns are black, the color of Earth and Malkuth. The ever-changing faces suggest, not Legion as the Mage first thought, but the state of illusion that we call the Material Plane. The various tunnels represent our own choices, each a different experience with a different outcome. This is our reflection. We are many. We are divided, even within ourselves.

We are suddenly outside in a thick forest. It is very green, lots of moss. The Mage asks the Seer which direction we should go. She feels the strong desire to move to the right and we do. There is a stone path that leads to a river of the deepest blue. Looking into the water shows no reflection but the water is clear and very deep. We enter the pool.

A female spirit appears. She is part of the water, her hair flowing around her like liquid, rippling away from her. The Seer feels a very positive energy from her. The Mage greets her with the 3=8 sign. The spirit returns the same.

Here we have come to the third elemental spirit, this one clearly a water guardian. 3=8 (water) would seem to be an obvious sign to give and return.

“You’ve come far,” she says. “What do you seek?”

“We seek initiation on the Aethyrs.”

“Are you willing to pay the price?”

“We are willing.”

“Nothing can be unseen or unlearned.” she warns.

“We are open to what you have to teach.”

We suddenly find ourselves at a banquet. It is very bright here. There are 12 figures gathered at a long rectangular table. They do not appear to be human but are somewhat humanoid. They are not flesh and blood but seem to be made of light or energy. The banquet table is covered with a variety of dishes, all made of gold and containing a feast of food and drink. There are plates of fruits and breads and various meats. The dishes and silverware look very ancient. Their carvings are intricate and remind the Seer of the ancient art of the Celtic or Nordic tribes. The table and chairs are immense and overly large, with thick legs and armrests, all of which are adorned with the most intricate and delicately designed patterns.

In the middle of the table is a sort of sculpture or centerpiece. It is a big red glass or crystal piece about 3 or 4 feet across, and though it reminds the Seer of roses, it is not. But it is rose-like, deep red, with petals that are sharp and pointed. As the Seer looks upon the feast she becomes suddenly very dizzy and braces herself from her seated position.

The Seer suffered a brief but intense feeling of vertigo. It passed after a few moments and we were able to continue.

No one is speaking, only observing. We feel that we are welcome. There is a spot at the end of the table for us and we take our place. The other guests raise their cups in a silent toast to us. Taking a golden cup which looks at first to contain wine but then appears to contain blood, we toast back and drink. The elixir is hot and burns the mouth. The entities accept our toast.

“That is all for today,” we are told. We thank the spirits and depart.

12 entities. The zodiac, perhaps? Seniors and other spirits from the Water Tablet? They never speak until the end and we get no names.

In the cup is wine or blood, undoubtedly the latter as it is warm. A reference to the Cup of Babalon filled with the blood of the Saints. Also the Lust card, associated with the name of this Aethyr. The Cup, while being a water symbol is here filled with hot blood and the fiery nature of Babalon. The Fire aspect of the Water Tablet. Gold, being a solar color, can mean divine fire. Also the red centerpiece is suggestive of fire.

We have now received the assistance and welcome of spirits representing all four elements. We are told to “Fly!” (Air), we visit the depths (Earth), are instructed by the woman in the river (Water) and are guests at the banquet of gold and red (Fire). The vision completes itself with the feast and we left with the strong feeling that we had accomplished what we needed to in TEX. We are ready to take the next step into the 29th Aethyr – RII. This we plan to do on Friday, October 26.

Note: A couple hours after the ritual, Sr. Elah’s oldest child came home from school and commented that the house didn’t have its usual feel, that the energy was “weird.” A roommate also later commented that when he comes in the house he feels like someone is there. In neither instance is the feeling bad or malevolent but it is worth noting. We do not banish following our Aethyric workings, as we deem it unnecessary. It would seem, however, that the veil is thinning.


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