The 28th Aethyr ~ BAG

November 26, 2018
Begin: 10:44 am
End: 12:03 pm
Tools: the Disc, the Tablet of Earth, Atus IV (The Emperor), V (The Hierophant) and VII (The Chariot)
Weather: clear
Based on the audio transcript. Comments in italics.


The Aethyr is a deep cobalt blue. A feminine voice speaks: “Before me shadows darkened the valleys and I looked to the sky and it burned. The heavens, it burned.”



The Seer has brief visions of faces but they seem to be made of smoke and vanish before she can see them clearly. She experiences strong feelings of doubt and unworthiness, that her visions are not true. She brushes aside these thoughts and continues.

BAG is called the Aethyr of Doubt. It is heavy with this feeling for both the Seer and the Mage throughout the vision and even afterwards.

Another face, briefly. This one is square with sharp edges and looks almost mechanical in a way. Behind the face, there is a gold disc spinning. This too fades.

The square in the circle, perhaps. The symbol of the union between heaven and earth. The spinning disc seems to suggest the apparent movement of the cosmos around the world of the manifest, of the living.

The Seer feels we are not completely in the Aethyr and suggests we move forward. We do. We appear to be traveling over some sort of black liquid. It is misty. Still not fully in the Aethyr, we rise higher.

There is a light above, a sort of twinkling light like a star. As we continue to rise, the Seer suddenly braces herself. “Everything is spinning,” she says. It is like being in the eye of a hurricane. It is calm where we are but everything spins wildly around us, making it difficult to see anything clearly. The colors are dark blues and browns. It is dark here but there are rays of light coming from above.

Again the spinning motion. This is key to the message of this Aethyr, the spinning, whirling motion inherent in all levels of creation from the infinitely immense to the microscopic.

A voice: “Who is it you serve?”

The Mage responds: “We serve the Most High, the same God as you. Will you be our guide?”

“How will you prove who you are?”

The Mage gives the Sign of the element of Fire.

The Seer sees the figure move but cannot see them very clearly and cannot make out the sign.

The Mage says, “I am Ixomaxip and this is Elah. We are servants of the Most High… Appear to us in a form that we may understand.”

The Seer: “I see it but I don’t know how to describe it.” The face of the entity is long, the nose in particular is long and curved, almost like a birds beak. The eyes of the figure flash and sparkle violet. It seems to wear robes of some type.

The entity had a face similar to this carving.

The Mage asks, “Will you share with us the wisdom of BAG?”

“So it is wisdom you seek.”

“We seek wisdom. We seek knowledge. We seek initiation.”

“On what merit?” the spirit asks.

“On the merit of being servants of the Most High. On the merit of the blessing of the spirits of TEX and RII. We demand entrance to BAG.”

The entity asks the Seer to give the name of the Most High.

The Mage responds, giving the name. He asks for the spirit’s counsel.

“Seek the Kingdoms of Heaven.”

A gate appears in the distance. Unlike the gate we encountered in RII, this one is golden and appears new and shiny. It is unlocked. We move through. The Seer feels that we are not alone, though she sees no one with us. The Mage demands that the spirit make itself known.

“You’re not worthy.”

The Mage commands the spirit to appear, saying “You will not cause us to doubt!” The spirit laughs in response and does not appear. We continue on.

Again, the feelings of unworthiness pervade the Aethyr and assail us at every step.

Up ahead, the Seer sees an entrance of some kind. As we approach, it appears to be a tunnel. It is spinning and passage through it is difficult. The light at the other end seems bright. We move toward it.

As we come out of the tunnel, we find ourselves on a ledge of some sort overlooking great valleys below. There are rolling bright green hills, though the Seer cannot tell if there are trees as it seems almost too green. A creek or river winds through the valley. The Seer cannot see from this distance whether it has water in it or not but there definitely once was.

A rope ladder hangs from the clouds. The Seer feels slightly apprehensive about climbing but, as there is nowhere else to go, we climb the ladder. It goes very high and we climb for quite some time. As we get higher, the light above gets brighter.

We find ourselves standing (or floating, as no floor seems apparent) in a dark place. There are stars above but they seem larger than the stars we see in our skies. Their light refracts into beams that shine down around us. The star-beams sparkle with tiny particles like crystals or diamonds.

In the darkness, the Seer sees the flash of an eye. It is a wolf but not a normal one. This entity has taken the form of a demonic being that the Seer has had experience with in the past. The Seer insists we stand in a ray of light as it seems to keep the beast at bay. We draw our swords.

The “wolf” is not actually the being encountered in the past by the Seer but has taken this appearance in order to perhaps frighten her. It does not have the power of the original demon and therefore, even though it causes unease in her, she is able to continue.

To the Seer, the wolf says, “Am I not familiar to you?”

“Give us your name!”

“I am the Lord of Fire and the Souls of Darkness!”

“Give us your name!”

The Seer struggles to make out the name, which sounds like Tah-lah-reek.

This name is meaningless and was doubted by the Mage as being the real name. This entity seems to be all shadows and puppetry with little substance.

The Mage asks if there is something the entity wishes to share with us. The response is nothing more than a feeling of mockery. The wolf continues to block the way.

The Mage traces with his sword a flaming red banishing pentagram of fire and exorcises the demon, at which point the vision goes completely black.

The wolf was banished rather easily, proving it was only a phantom sent to frighten and cause doubt.

After several moments, during which the Mage offered prayers and invocations to the Governors of the Aethyr, the Seer begins to see a deep cobalt blue color everywhere. She has the realization that all the spinning she had experienced thus far in BAG was a reflection of how everything spins, everywhere, all the time. One either spins with it or suffers as a result of being in conflict with natural forces.

This insight seems key to the understanding of this Aethyr.

She hears a faint, far-away voice. She becomes aware of a figure, like a satyr, gesturing to her the shape of a square, drawing what is similar to a frame around his head and torso. When asked for his name, the satyr only gives the Sign of Silence. The Mage asks what the satyr can share with us.

“That which cannot be seen.” The Seer is shown a bust of a man or a god, like those in ancient Greece or Rome. She is also shown a cross that seems to be made of light. The satyr vanishes.

Here, the entity in the form of Pan shows “that which cannot be seen.” First, a god from the ancient pagan religions and then the god of the old aeon. These are equated as being unseeable. They are of times past and are no longer relevant.

We continue on. Above us is a bright reddish-orange light. Below us, everything sparkles. There is no path to speak of, just shimmering light. Ahead of us, the Seer sees stairs but they are wrong. They do not go up or down, but sideways at an angle that seems impossible. The Seer has no idea how to proceed so we try to turn ourselves sideways. We are able to mount the stairs after a fashion but are still at a different angle. The stairs are not of our dimension and, even though we are climbing/descending them, we are still completely out of juxtaposition with them. We manage to get to a ledge of some kind, though we have to climb a bit to get to it.

At this point the vision begins to become difficult for the Seer to describe. The concepts that she is seeing are clearly beyond our own dimension and extraordinarily difficult for a mind of our plane of existence to grasp or understand.

There is a cave of light blue. The color is ice blue but the cave is not ice, more like a smooth polished stone. The opening of the cave is before us, behind us and around us is…nothing. Absolutely nothing. As we stare into the cave, the Mage asks the Seer if she senses any entities here.

“There’s always someone here,” she responds. “They haven’t left us since we started the Aethyr.”

The Seer sees a symbol in the stone. It is the same symbol she saw in RII. We still have not actually entered the cave of blue, still standing looking in. The cave seems to be 2-dimensional, like looking at a picture or flat image. We move forward to enter the cave and, as we do, everything changes.

Again, the dimensional distortions continue. First the feeling of moving beyond the third dimension and then of moving down to the second dimension. Perhaps we are being shown what is experienced by the entities when they move down to our dimension?2018-11-10-11-44-19

The symbol seen once again by the Seer is similar to the sign of Neptune but the Seer doesn’t feel that’s what it represents. It also bears a strong resemblance to one of the many pontos used in the practice of Quimbanda, in particular, a protection ponto. She has been shown this symbol twice, as though the entities wish to impress the symbol or meaning upon her.

The blue cave is gone, replaced with an oval-shaped room with gold walls and a gold floor. There is a being there. It too has a golden color to it and appears to be mechanical, similar to the face seen earlier except that this face has gold rays extending from it in all directions. The rays look almost like a mane.

All of this vanishes and we are in starlight again. Ahead of us the Seer sees a flying something that seems to be made of flame. We follow it.

We are moving through clouds in space, grand and beautiful nebulae, the nurseries of the stars. Then these become eclipsed by a patchwork of veins of golden light, patches of light and patches of darkness, all interconnected. There are flashes of light.

“This is where stars are born and where souls are born.” a voice says.


We continue to follow the flying flaming thing through vast galactic expanses of time and space. We are confronted by a spirit. It is very strange looking, especially the shape of its head which is almost insect-like with large bulbous eyes and what look like antenae. It offers the “moving sign” we first saw in TEX (like the 3=8 water sign but flipping the triangle up and down, over and over again). The Mage returns both the 3=8 and 4=7 Signs in return and asks the entity to speak with us.

“Isn’t there more you seek?” the entity asks.

The Mage declares the purpose of this Aethyric working, namely to discover the secrets of Liber Loagaeth.

The spirit responds, “Words fly away and are lost. The truth you seek cannot be spoken.”

“Can it be shown?”

“To those who can see…”

The Seer sees the vision she saw before, of nebulae and stars but now understands that the image she sees is not of a nebula, but of the cosmic web. Vast beyond imagination, blazing golds and yellows stretching out before her forever and ever. There are flashes of light that she understands to be whole galaxies dying; everything that exists within the entire galaxy – billions of stars, trillions of worlds, countless forms of life, generation after generation, over billions of years – all of it blinking out of existence in a flash of light that, to the cosmic web, is nothing but an insignificant moment of time.

cosmic web

“There are things that are limitless,” she is told, “paths that go on forever. But you don’t understand forever.” The web continues to stretch on and on and on. Once again, the Seer has a sense of everything spinning, though this time we seem to be spinning in unison with it.

The Seer was immensely humbled by this part of the vision, never until now truly and completely understanding the utter insignificance of everything we know and love and hold so dear. She received the briefest glimpse of “forever” and it had a profound effect on her in the days following the vision.

It seems appropriate that the message from the Aethyr of Doubt and Unworthiness would be to drive home the point that for all we think we are, we are nothing. Of course, from our own point of view it is quite different and it is from this perspective that we must operate. To dwell on this cosmic vision would only lead to melancholy and despair.

Allowing ourselves to rise even higher, we enter an impossible landscape. It would seem that we are now on a small moon somewhere. The landscape is jagged black obsidian that is very shiny and reflective. The sharp edged rocks jut out of the ground at bizarre cyclopean angles. In the sky are four stars or suns in a perfect row. They seem to be to large to be stars and too dim to be suns, but their limited light still reflects brightly off the mirror-like obsidian.

A voice: “Letters sealed in stone.”

The Seer does not know the source of the voice and can see no one around. There appears to be an S-shaped path that winds through the jagged stones. The shape of the path seems important somehow. Following the path, she sees a pool of some kind of black bubbling liquid, like melted rock. The stars are thick, with the four dim suns still shining from their impossible position in the heavens. “It’s very beautiful,” the Seer comments, “you can see stars forever! Just stars everywhere!”

She decides to move toward the four suns. She understands that they are colder than stars. They’re not suns, they’re far older than that, older than time. These are beyond any time that we can ever imagine.

“What is their purpose?” the Mage asks.

“To watch,” the Seer replies. She decides to depart this region as there is nothing more to know of these watchers. They do not communicate, they only watch.

It is hard to know for sure what these four watchers were. They may be some aspect of the Watchtowers on the Great Table, though I don’t believe them to specifically be the Watchtowers themselves but rather some aspect of them.

Letters sealed in stone” may also refer in some way to the Watchtowers and we both feel that the letters in question are Enochian.

The vision changes once again. A great fiery sun setting on the horizon, sinking into what looks like a pool of darkness. On the horizon, the Seer can see movement against the flaming background of the setting sun. As she looks, she sees that it appears to be waves of fire, that she is in fact seeing an ocean of flames and not a sunset at all! The image is of immense and humbling beauty.

We decide to depart the Aethyr and, as we prepare to do so, the Seer hears distinctly a bell ringing to her right. The bell rings three times. We pause to investigate but, turning up nothing, thank the Lords of the 28th Aethyr and depart in peace.

BAG is the Aethyr of Doubt and this we experienced again and again. The Aethyr was difficult to scry, especially to enter. Constant were the challenges from various guardians before we were able to access the Aethyr and gain a clear view.

The Seer feels the most important aspect of the vision to be the concept of time on a cosmic scale, far, far older than science has any clue. The vision of the cosmic web, with entire galaxies winking in and out of existence showed her, not only the insignificance of it all but also the vast scale in which this theater takes place.

Our next scrying session is set for December 7, when we will move to the 27th Aethyr, ZAA.




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